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Experts in Oysters & Shellfish

    Profishionals is  Montreal's major oyster and shellfish distributors, with loyal clients from all across Quebec. We are a family operated business which has been in the fish and seafood industry for over 55 yrs. We have the knowledge, sourcing, and buying power to put together a winning oyster program for the most discerning customers.​


       From generation to generation we always strive for quality and perfection.


       We receive oysters on a weekly basis, never holding any stock, we believe what comes in must go out. We strive for freshness and bring in over 40 types of oysters and shellfish, making us Montreal's only distributor to focus on bivalves, clams, and mussels.


       We do not play games with our oysters. ​As oyster and shellfish lovers we know that the harvesting location is what determines the flavours, and we want our followers to experience all the wonderful tastes the ocean has to offer.

      Profishionals also offers a marketing service where we can take oyster farms and get them noticed and promote their product, which can lead to full exposure all accross canada and the U.S.A​.


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